Ron Rivera: “Nothing is ever done” with Taylor Heinicke

After Washington lost to the Bills in Week Three, their head coach Ron Rivera said that he wants quarterback Taylor Heinicke to be more of a game manager in the future.

Sunday’s game against the Falcons called for Heinicke to play a different role. Washington was down 30-22 in the fourth quarter and they needed Heinicke to come up with some big plays in order to bail them out.

Heinicke avoided a heavy pass rush, chucked a ball toward the end zone and watched as Terry McLaurin was able to come down with what would charitably be called a 50-50 ball. That cut Atlanta’s lead to two points and Heinicke came through again in the final minute when he extended a play and threw across the field to J.D. McKissic. McKissic scored a 30-yard touchdown and Rivera was left to praise Heinicke’s playmaking ability after the 35-30 win.

“I thought he managed it well, obviously,” Rivera said, via “The big thing is, and we’ve talked about it, make a play when you have to. He made several. . . . Taylor is just one of those dynamic players who knows how to make plays. As I said, nothing is ever done with him. He’s just going to continue to work.”

Washington still has defensive issues to sort out if they’re going to wind up with a winning season, but having a quarterback capable of making the plays that Heinicke made down the stretch on Sunday gives them a chance to avoid too many losses while waiting for things to come together on that side of the ball.