After waiting a year for his GPU, this man sent the shop an anniversary cake

It can take a while for GPU orders to be fulfilled, but what are you supposed to do when you’ve waited a year and it still hasn’t come? Resort to bribery, apparently. As funny as bribery with cake is, if anything like this happens to you, please report the shop for fraud and speak to your bank about cancelling the charge.

A man in Poland ordered an RTX 3080 in September last year. After being screwed over by the shop he’d ordered from, which claimed that it wasn’t sent enough GPUs from Nvidia and AIBs, he sent them a first-anniversary cake to thank them for the time they’d spent together.

Lo and behold, he got his GPU a few days later.

The story and photos were shared by the bakery, E-Torty. They called it one of their funniest orders. They shared the customer’s original message to them, which loosely translated from Polish looks like this:

In their Facebook post, E-Torty says they were sent the photo below with the caption “It worked!” shortly after delivering the cake.

Although E-Torty blurred out the name of the shop, VideoCardz did some sleuthing and determined that it was probably the Polish retailer X-kom. They have a bit of a reputation for delays and bad customer service.

VideoCardz reported in August that some of their customers that had ordered RTX 3070s and RTX 3080s 10 months prior were now being offered RTX 3060s (and no refund) as replacements. X-kom also claimed that the RTX 3060 was as powerful as the pricier models, which is untrue.