Manhunt for rapist in tracksuit after woman attacked behind shopping centre

A major investigation is under way to find a rapist who attacked a woman on Sunday night, police say.

Offices say they man is thought to have been wearing a grey tracksuit, and the woman is currently in hospital being treated for her injuries after the rape in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Forensic evidence is urgently being analysed and a review of CCTV footage is being carried out, West Midlands Police has said.

Detective inspector Andy McHugh, who is leading the investigation, said: “We’ll be working around the clock to find this man but you can help by checking your CCTV, dashcam and doorbell footage.

“Look for anything that doesn’t seem right. Tell us right away if you see anything.

“Our thoughts are with the woman who is understandably extremely traumatised.”

Police said they will have more officers than usual patrolling the area over the next few days.